About Komiža

Komiža is a Croatian coastal town lying on the western coast of the island of Vis in the central part of the Adriatic Sea. Situated in a deep bay, whose eastern shore abounds with large pebble beaches (Kamenica, Gusarica, Nova Pošta, Velo Žalo), Komiža offers excellent visitor opportunities: quality accomodations (hotels and apartments), and a number of cultural and historic sites, monasteries and fortresses. The economy is based on farming, winemaking, fishing and fish processing, and in recent times, tourism. The fishermen are noted for their Falkuša vessels.


Komiza croatia

The island of Vis as well as the whole Dalmatian coast belongs to the Mediterranean type of climate with hot summers. There are in average 2600 sunny hours through the year. The temperature during the summer months is above 24 °C, and in the winter months above 6 °C. It rains throughout the year less than 800 mm. The most often winds are the bora and the jugo in winter, and maestral in the summer.


Komiža, located on the island of Vis, has for centuries been the fishing center on the Adriatic Sea. This small community, which never had more than 3500 inhabitants, at one time had up to 1000 fishermen. Fishermen from Komiža were noted for travelling in regattes great distances to more productive fishing areas – noteably Palagruža. This fishermen from Komiža had constructed and developed their own type of fishing boar called ‘’gajeta – falkuša’’.With such boats the Komižans, under favourable conditions, made up to 42 miles distance between Komiža and Palagruža in less than five hours.

Stiniva Vis

The most beautiful beach on the island of Vis. Since 1967, Stiniva has been proclaimed to be a protected natural monument, which came into existence due to cavern of the cave collapsing in the past. It was declaired the most beautiful European beach in 2016 by the choice of portal readers "Europe’s best destination".


Blue Cave Bisevo island

The most famous cave on the island.It is located in Balun bay on the eastern side of the island. The name was given due to the appearance of the sun rays illuminating the cave with a mesmerising blue color.

Blue cave

Island Brusnik

Brusnik is an uninhibited volcanic island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. The island is located 12 NM west of Komiža, and in 1951, the island was declared a geological monument of nature even through the area of the island is merely 3 ha. On the island, there is the endemic species of black lizard. The surrounding sea is rich with fish, especially blue fish.


Porat Bay Bisevo

Porat bay is located on the western part of the island of Biševo. With its breathtaking sand beach accompanied with clear blue sea makes it perfect for a one day trip. A restaurant is also available which is surrounded with pine trees, creating thus natural sun protection shade.

Porat bay

Monk Seal Cave Bisevo

The Monk Seal Cave is situated on the south part of the island Biševo, in bay Trešjavac. It is the longest sea cave which was proclaimed as a geomorphological monument of nature in 1967. At the mere end of the cave you can find a small pebble beach where Mediterranean Monk Seals used to settle to rest.

Monk Seal Cave

Green Cave Ravnik

Green Cave is located on the island Ravik on the southern part of Vis island. Attractive because of its opening allowing the sun rays to create marvelous effects. The cave got its name by the green color inside of the cave which is simply a collaboration between the sun and green algae. Because of its geomorphological characteristics it is declared as a monument of the nature.

Green Cave